1999, PC-12/45

Price: $2,300,000

Harris-Connor LLC is pleased to present this low-time PC-12. Over
$300,000 has been spent in upgrading avionics, interior, and complying
with AD’s and SB’s associated with the annual inspection completed
11/2009 at Western Aircraft in Boise. This airplane is clean and
ready to go!

Upgrades in the cockpit include Pilot and Copilot EFIS 50 displays,
Garmin 530 and 430 with WAAS capability, and a KMD 850 (conveniently
located on a center pedestal) that displays moving map, stormscope, XM
Weather, TCAS and GPWS.
Upgrades in the cabin include a beautiful, new (2008) 8 passenger
interior with executive seats, 3 executive tables, 2 110V AC outlets,
a Sony CD player, and Air Cell phone.
Total Time:
Low time! 1500 Hours and 1832 Landings

Pratt and Whitney PT6A-67B
Hartzell HC-E4A-3D/E10477K

KDR 610 XM Weather
GNS 530W WAAS approved
GNS 430W WAAS approved
KMD 850 on center console
Bendix/King EFIS 50 Pilot and Copilot
RDR-2000 Weather Radar (Displayed on KMD 850)
2nd AHRS LCR-92
Stormscope WX-1000E (Displayed on KMD 850)
Bendix/King CAS-66A TCAS (Displayed on KMD 850)
MKVI Enhanced GPWS (Displayed on KMD 850)
PMA-7000MS Intercom/Audio Panel

Painted in 1999
Matterhorn White and Dark Blue with Misty Blue and Wine accent stripes.

New 2008 interior
BMW Platinum package, 8 passenger executive interior. High gloss
stained Birdseye Maple, black matt metal plating, LED light upgrade.
Forward 4 place club plus 4 forward facing executive seats
Sony CD player
Air Cell phone
2- 110V AC outlets
Supplemental air conditioning

Inspection Status:
Last annual inspection completed by Pilatus Service Center: Western
Aircraft in Boise, ID.11/2010
Next Annual inspection scheduled at Western Aircraft November 2011