Harris-Connor, LLC is the premier provider for quality upscale purchases! We are not brokers and take nothing on consignment. We own everything we advertise. We have it in-stock and can deliver it immediately! Real Estate, Cars, Watches, Aircraft, Antiques, and much more. Our inventory changes daily, but if you see it on our website, you can be assured we own it.

Our financial backer, a wealthy inventor/entrepreneur grew increasingly frustrated at bogus websites advertising items they didn’t have and couldn’t deliver. After successfully helping him acquire and later sell extensive collections, he commissioned Harris-Connor to provide this service to a growing group of frustrated collectors. Insisting on Integrity and competence, he has helped us develop an impressive inventory of unique items. Whether you are looking for an armored swat truck, a three million dollar Patek Philippe, or a roof top pent house, Harris Connor LLC can deliver. No games, no sales pitches, just straight forward old-fashioned dependability, is our promise.