PRICE: $52,500

This 1972 Citroen DS 21 has been meticulously maintained and fully restored by Citroen Concours of America. The vehicle was featured in the August 1994 Volume 11 Number 2 of Collectible Automobile . The restoration occurred in 1990 and was finished to Citroen concours standards including drivetrain, interior and paint, suspension, brake and hydraulic system. The car is in like new condition and runs and drives excellent. The vehicle is equipped with power steering, power brake and air condition, its self leveling Hydraulic system works perfectly and the vehicle was upgraded with a superior sound system, Ipod jack etc… The vehicle has spot lights, and European-spec headlights and Citroen-Maserati SM Wheels. The Pallas came with “Custom Deluxe Equipment” ; “Custom Leather Interior” Utilizing a 2 barrel Weber carb and 8.75:1 compression the horsepower was rated at 117 and a 5 speed gearbox was used. The DS Citroens are becoming much more rare and highly sought after by many collectors due to their uniqueness we have seen prices climb over the past few years and we are offering a excellent opportunity to own a rare and special example that has been fully restored by Citroen specialists and featured in a magazine.

An executive vehicle, the Citroen DS was also called the ‘Goddess or ‘Déesse and was introduced by the French Manufacturer Citroen. Unveiled in 1955, the Citroen DS was produced until 1975. More than 1.5 million D-series were produced during its 20 year long production run. The D-series was incredibly futuristic and cutting-edge with an aerodynamic body design that was designed by Flaminio Bertoni. The DS featured intense roadholding, braking and handling, and hydropneumatic self-leving suspension system. The DS 19 was introduced on October 5, 1955 at the Paris Motor Show following more than 18 years of covert development as the replacement to the Traction Avant. The DS 19 stunned the public with its appearance and avant-garde engineering and 743 orders were placed in the first 15 minutes, with the total amount of orders totaling 12,000 for the first day. The DS-19 ‘defied virtually every automotive design convention of that era, and was a symbol of French ingenuity. The Citroen DS managed to remain on top of its game and ahead of its time throughout its lifetime. Featuring such features as power disc brakes, variable ground clearance, hydropneumatic suspension that included an automatic leveling system, power steering. The DS 21 was a true luxury car that featured large, broad leather seats up front, along with plush seats in the back. The 21 was a front wheel drive, with no tunnel to accommodate the drive shaft, but the engine was mounted longitudinally and aft of the transmission. The weight distribution was excellent due to half-shafts extended out to the front wheels. The exterior of the DS 21 was a work of art that featured flowing lines and aerodynamic body with smooth angles. DS models were constructed in Paris, France, the UK, former Yugoslavia, Australia and South Africa. Today DS sedans are still used mainstream as taxicabs in various parts of the former Yugoslavia. DSs were sold in the U.S. from 1956 through 1972 with a total of 38,000 units being sold.