PRICE: $52,700

The original La Salle produced in 1927 became the first mass-production vehicle to be consciously ‘styled in the modern sense. Considered by the most fashionable American automobiles of its day, the LaSalle was the first of the smaller and more maneuverable luxury vehicles. The LaSalle was also the pioneer in the automobile color industry. Up until this point all vehicles were produced in only black Japan enamel, the only finish available to dry quickly enough to stand up to the pace of mass production. The introduction to DuPont Chemical Companys fast-drying, polychromatic duco finishes in 24 supplied automobiles with a stunning array of colors. La Salle became one of the first cars to take advantage of this modern advancement.

The Series 350 was introduced in 1934 and was considered to be more like an Oldsmobile than a Cadillac. Borrowing an L-head straight eight from the Oldsmobile division to replace the traditional Cadillac V-8, the new series shared the same 240.3-cubic-inch (4-liter) displacement. A completely redesigned chassis was introduced with a much shorter, 119-inch wheelbase. Since the beginning of the La Salle, the double-plate type clutch was utilized until before replaced with a single-plate clutch. Hydraulic brakes were also newly adopted into the series adding yet another first to GMs repertoire.

For the 1934 Indianapolis 500, the 34 LaSalle was chosen as a pace car for that year.

For 1935, the LaSalle was designated the series 50. All 1935 LaSalles sported the new V-type windshield. The wheelbase was now longer at 120 inches, Flat single-piece bumpers replaced the bi plane bumpers used only on 34 models and again only 4 models were offered. The lowest priced car in the line-up was the sleek Two-passenger coupe seen here which sold for $1,225.00.

This very sleek and attractive two door coupe was one of the stylish automobiles of the LaSalle line up for 1935, not many charges occurred in 1935 however the horsepower rating was increased to 95hp and utilizing a 248ci straight 8 with 3 speed synchromesh transmission. This vehicle is equipped with an AM radio, in dash clock, dual side mounts and includes a set of fenders adding to its sleek flowing design. The vehicle is fitted with Tan cloth interior and looks beautiful l inside and out, the vehicle offers a third seat just behind the drivers seat for an additional passenger. The vehicle has undergone a comprehensive restoration to its interior, exterior and drivetrain. The vehicle runs excellent and would make a car to drive and show at various meets throughout the country including AACA and CCCA.